How to Buy Mattress: Find the Right Model for You

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There is nothing better after a long day at work than a good night’s sleep. And for your evening to be the best you can, you deserve the best mattress! Anyone who has had knows the complications that sleeping on a wrong mattress bring to your life, from back pain to insomnia.

That is why we have made a complete article on how to buy mattress, so that you can choose the right model for you and your family. In addition, we’ve brought you mattress tips available here at online Stores to compare prices, shop safely at the best stores and enjoy quiet night’s sleep knowing you’ve made a great bargain!

But beware: if you have some kind of health problem like herniated disc, parrot beak or osteoporosis, look for the specific guidance of your doctor before buying your new mattress in a mattress sale.

Types of Mattress

Basically, there are several types of mattress to meet the most diverse needs and tastes. To begin with, let’s talk about each type of mattress on the market:

One side

They are those mattresses that have only one correct face (the one that faces up). In order for it to last much longer without that feeling that there is a hole in your mattress, just turn the side that is at the head of the side that is on the feet every month.

Pillow Top

It’s that mattress that has a thinner layer of foam on the top. This makes it softer and more comfortable.

Hypoallergenic Mattress

This is the perfect mattress for those suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis or is allergic to fungi, mites and bacteria. It is all made from materials that have properties that prevent the accumulation of these agents.

Magnetic Mattress

As a result of advances in technology, in addition to layers of foam and/or springs, the magnetic mattress comes with other layers made with magnets that provide several benefits at the time of sleep. Some models even massage while you sleep. If you have a pacemaker, talk to your doctor before buying a magnetic mattress.